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It is accessed using ports 25 and 587.

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Cybersecurity Features of BeatQuantum Mailserver

- The latest, fully patch and hardened Operating System, Mail Server and IMAP Server.

- Hardened DNS and Cloud servers.

- No backdoors, Minimised logging for errors only.

- Full compatibility with IPv4 and IPv6 senders.

- Zero tolerance for Mail Relay and Spam.

- Strictly enforced encrypted communication. Plaintext is rejected.

- Use of DNSSEC, STARTTLS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, DANE for incoming and outbound emails.

- TLS 1.3 / TLS 1.2, AES 256, minimum 4096 bits, secp521r1.

- Other best practices including CAA, TLS-RPT, HSTS, Reverse PTR and Content-Security-Policy.

- Extremely fast for an academic proof-of-concept often beating the performance of commercial solutions!.

Quantum Safe Computing

- Already deploying the strongest known pre-Quantum algorithms and techniques to delay the initial Shor attacks.

- Currently experimenting with the NIST Round 3 candidates in the BeatQuantum Lab.

- To be finalised in 2022-23 with the official algorithms from NIST and ETSI.

>The results speak for themselves

- Perfect 10/10 score at

- Hall of Fame - 100 percent score at

- All green score at

- Lynis Audit Score in excess of 91/100.

- 5/5 scores on European Commission's MECSA assessment for Confidential delivery, Phishing and identity theft and Integrity of messages.

Privacy Policy

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